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Every Business Connections student is given the opportunity to benefit from the specialized experience that is Business Connections House.  The primary components of this experience involve three interdependent, experience-based models:  the living model, the learning model and the connections model.  Combined, these models are designed to offer an accelerated learning environment that enables each student to fully realize his/her potential within the School of Business as early as possible. 


The Living Model

Business Connections students live together on four floors in Belden Hall within the Alumni Quadrangle.  The floors are co-educational by floor and both sophomores and freshmen reside on each floor.  Each of the four Resident Assistants (RAs) are business majors and a group of four Community Mentors (CMs) are both business majors and previous Business Connections House residents.  The RAs and CMs will serve as a student-centered team to provide guidance, support and leadership for the Community.

This unique living arrangement has been designed to offer each student the opportunity to benefit from living with students with similar interests, thereby creating a close-knit atmosphere that might otherwise be lost on the campus of a large university.  Students elect community leaders and committee chairs for various student-led committees that plan and organize the activities of the Community.

The Learning Model

Every Business Connections freshman student participates in a First Year Experience (FYE) course for the Business Connections Learning Community.  This specialized course is designed to introduce students to life and resources at UConn, the School of Business and to each other.

Learning experiences are designed to accelerate the development of essential skills that assist each student’s professional development both for their time at UConn and beyond. Freshmen residents complete four basic professional skill development sessions prior to the end of their freshman year. Likewise, sophomore residents complete a more advanced series of professional development skill sessions. Sophomore skill development is focused on assisting students in acquiring the skills needed to obtain an internship during the summer of their junior year at UConn.

The Connections Model

The core component of living in Business Connections House is the development of business connections and insight that is helpful to students as they complete their studies and enter the business world.  Numerous opportunities for residents to meet and learn from UConn alumni, corporate executives and advanced business students at UConn are provided.  Interactions take place on field trips around the Northeast region and in events planned at the School of Business and the Community.

An optional international business immersion trip to a country where the Business School has business and alumni connections is designed exclusively for Business Connections students.  Students apply in the fall for this 1-credit course (in 2014 the trip was to Spain).

Together, these three specialized learning models serve to provide Business Connections Learning Community students with the skills, course work, undergraduate colleagues, setting and connections needed to succeed in a study of business at UConn and in the development of the fundamentals for a successful career in business.